The Chaga mushroom is commonly found in clumps on the outside of birch trees. This odd looking mushroom has historically been made into tea by the eastern and Siberian worlds. Chaga is highly dense in Beta-D-Glucans which can have great benefits for the immune system.  Chaga is also ultra rich with antioxidants because it’s extremely rich melanin. Boasting higher antioxidant content then most super foods, more than berries or quinoa. this mushroom is also rich polysaccharides good for cholesterol regulation.

Cancer Aid

A lot of research has shown Chaga to have anti-tumor effects. These properties can be attributed to chaga’s Betulinic acid, Inotodiol and Ergosterol peroxide.


The components of Chaga have great potential for liver detox and regeneration. Chaga has been shown to reverse liver damage in rats. It would be a huge loss to leave Chaga out of your detox plan.


Chaga is typicaly found in pill or dried chunks


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